Ramp Services

Ramp Services

Ramp Services

AOTGA is a leading provider of ramp handling, offering a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of airlines. All ramp agents are fully trained in every aspect of ramp handling and operations for the airlines the company represents. This ensures the demands of the airlines are always met with the highest level of safety, even during irregular operations.

Complex planning, coordination, and communication equates to AOTGA's precise system of ramp and loading services which are controlled by skillful professionals and supported by modern, well-maintained equipment.

Ramp services teams will handle your aircraft safely and efficiently, ensuring smooth operations and timely departures. Services offered include:

  • Ground Support Equipment Services - AOTGA supports ground equipment to aircraft such as aircraft moving, air-condition units, ground power units, air starter units, toilet service trucks, water service trucks, and passenger steps. All equipment and vehicles comply with safety regulations and international quality standards.

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  • Baggage Handling - AOTGA delivers a wide range of aircraft handling functions, including aircraft loading and unloading. Luggage sorting is conducted at the Baggage Sorting Area of the Passenger Terminal. We are responsible for making sure that all the suitcases are quickly and carefully delivered so that passengers can collect them or those luggages are transferred onto the next flight. We work accurately while taking care not to cause damage and make sure that nothing is lost or broken. Our team ensures each aircraft is loaded with bags in a way that meets with the airline and aircraft specifications.
  • Marshaling - We also handle ramp operations such as marshaling to guide aircraft landing to their correct position. We achieve appropriate navigation and support ground navigation operations upon takeoff and landing safely and efficiently.

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  • Cabin Cleaning - Our experienced teams create memorable and positive customer experiences for our airline partners. Our services include quick turn cleans, terminating aircraft cleans, and deep cleans together with stripping, cleaning, sanitizing, changing out of the head net, laundry services, and cabin dressing followed the airline cabin requirements. 
  • GSE Maintenance - Our team of skilled GSE technicians is highly trained in all aspects of GSE maintenance. We are certified for work by different GSE manufacturers and have extensive experience in working with GSE. Regular trainings are conducted at manufacturers site for improving their skills and knowledge about latest trends. We are striving to increase aircraft availability at the highest quality while remaining cost-efficient, we can enhance your operational performance and improve cost efficiency.

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Available at


Don Mueang International Airport

dmkroc@aotga.com, dmkopsocc@aotga.com, tss@aotga.com

+66 2 535 3818,+66 82 941 7679, +66 93 908 3949


Phuket International Airport

hktopsocc@aotga.com, hktff@aotga.com, tss@aotga.com

+66 83 612 1673, +66 84 202 3374, +66 76 351 355, +66 93 908 3949


Suvarnabhumi Airport

bkkroc@aotga.com, tss@aotga.com

+66 81 248 0414, +66 93 908 3949